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S.O.S. Wauwatosa Voter’s Guide: 2017 Wauwatosa School Board Election

To help educate voters, S.O.S. Wauwatosa developed a questionnaire for local school board candidates regarding their background and positions.

Click here for the voter guide…

The questionnaires were sent to each candidate via email and certified mail. Candidates were asked to provide contact information and were given the option of including campaign website or Facebook information. They were also asked to limit their answers to no more than 100 words. The candidates were given two weeks to respond, with a deadline of February 24.

Five of the six candidates responded and their answers to the questions are printed in the guide verbatim. In the case of the sixth candidate, we have copied the mailing address that is published on the Wauwatosa School Board website.

It should be noted that Stan Zurawski, who was appointed by the School Board to fill a Seat 4 vacancy on December 5, 2016, resigned from the School Board on February 27, 2017. Nevertheless, his name will appear on the ballot.

Click here for the voter guide…

Sending out an “SOS” to Wauwatosa

Support Our Schools (SOS) Wauwatosa is a parent-powered, nonpartisan, grassroots non-profit that believes in and advocates for public education in Wauwatosa and throughout Wisconsin. All of our board members are parents of current and former students of the Wauwatosa School District. We are concerned about the ways in which state funding for public schools has been cut and taxpayer money has been diverted from public education to private voucher schools, many of which have closed.

We believe our public schools are the heart of our community. We believe that having neighborhood schools, extensive class choices, and affordable school-based activities are investments in our kids – investments that strengthen Wauwatosa and Wisconsin. Since over 80% of Wisconsinites send their kids to public schools, we are confident that these beliefs and values are widely shared throughout the state.

Our Past, Present and Future

SOS Wauwatosa formed in March 2015 in response to the Governor’s proposed two-year budget, which initially called for $127 million in cuts to K-12 public education statewide. If that budget had passed as proposed, the Wauwatosa School District would have seen a cut of approximately $900,000 and would have had to consider significant and far-reaching changes, including closing schools, reducing the number of courses offered, increasing class sizes, increasing fees for or eliminating athletic and arts activities, etc.

In response, a group of parents came together, chose a name, launched a website and Facebook page, and designed postcards to engage legislators and the media. Fortunately, the 2015-2017 budget ultimately didn’t include the extensive cuts initially proposed, but it did include changes that diverted money from public education to private voucher schools.

Throughout 2016, we created a new website and became a 501c(4) non-profit. We recorded short video interviews with students, parents, teachers, administrators and state leaders, to share positive stories about public education, which can be found on our website. In August 2016, we hosted the Summer Summit of the Wisconsin Public Education Network at Wauwatosa East High School and welcomed nearly 400 advocates from around the state to learn and work together for the benefit of public schools. In October 2016, we hosted a Fall Forum at Wauwatosa West High School to encourage local citizens to learn more about the value of public education and the challenges that lie ahead.

In 2017, we will work hard to continue to share information about issues facing public education and ensure that parents and advocates have a greater voice in the biennial 2017-2019 state budget. We believe in a budget that prioritizes and “supports our schools.” We hope you’ll further explore our website and look for ways to get involved. Thank you.

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Video: Parents to Senator Vukmir: “Support Our Schools.”

Parents from Wauwatosa respond to Sen. Leah Vukmir and her column in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Her column can be seen here.

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April 4: Spring Election Including local School Boards and State Superintendent. Check out the SOS voter guide…

SOSTosa Video Project

Starting in the spring of 2016, we took to the road to collect stories from parents, business owners, community leaders, educators, and other public school supporters. Highlighting their stories is important because it is a reminder of just how important Wisconsin’s tradition of great public schools is. Here are the most recent videos, but there are more!

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