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Stay informed!

Stay informed!

Stay informed! The legislature is looking at ways to allow schools to shift money in trust for libraries to other areas of schools. Here's more...  

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Action Alert

Action Alert

ACTION ALERT: There is a public hearing this Wednesday on a fast-tracked new bill that would have a dramatic impact on public school library funding by transforming operations of the Common School Fund. ----- SENATE PUBLIC HEARING: Committee on Government Operations,...

SOS Wauwatosa 2017 Annual Meeting and Social

SOS Wauwatosa 2017 Annual Meeting and Social

Fellow Public Education Advocates! Join the SOS Wauwatosa Board and Friends for the organization's 2017 Annual Meeting and Social When: Wednesday, November 29, 2017, 7:00 - 8:30 p.m. Where: Wauwatosa Fire House Meeting Room, 1601 Underwood Avenue, Wauwatosa RSVP:...

Mission Statement

sos-2We are an independent, non­partisan citizen group that advocates for quality public education in Wauwatosa and in the state of Wisconsin.

SOS believes that public schools are the heart of Wisconsin’s communities. We are dedicated to the educational success of all children through strong family and community engagement in our public schools. SOS supports the Wauwatosa School District and its excellent teachers, and will work with the District to advocate for quality public education and appropriate funding for public schools in Wauwatosa and throughout Wisconsin. We will communicate accurate and timely information to parents and community members about what Wisconsin’s public schools need to thrive.

Why We Advocate

Wauwatosa’s public schools truly are the heart of our community and are the reason why many of us moved to the wonderful neighborhoods of “Tosa”. For generations, Wauwatosa graduates have gone on to be leaders in our community and throughout the state of Wisconsin.  They have found success in any number of areas, including business, education, law, health care, the arts and athletics from the board rooms of the nation’s largest corporations to the hardwood of the NBA.

sos-3Much of the reason for the success of our schools is the strong community support we provide to them, the excellent teachers that work in them, and the fact that they are accountable to us as citizens. Through a democratically elected school board, taxpayers have a voice and a venue to oversee their success. It is with the tradition of excellence, strong fiscal management and an eye toward the future that we believe the best days of our schools are yet to come.

However, as the knowledge and skills that our children need to find success become more important than ever before, the tradition of the great Wauwatosa schools has been threatened. In recent years, lawmakers in Madison have put their own ideology before data and evidence and have advanced policies that undermine the success of our public schools, our community and are fiscally irresponsible.

As parents of children in the Wauwatosa Schools and members of the community, we stand in support of our public schools and for protecting local control and local taxpayers. We will do so by focusing on facts and evidence rather than talking points and ideology and seek to hold our elected officials accountable for the votes they take in Madison.

What We Advocate For

Public school funding is complicated, and we look forward to sharing information on our website in the coming months about how our public schools are funded, how a parallel system of voucher schools is being funded at great taxpayer expense, and how we have come up with our policy suggestions.

In the meantime, however, we are advancing this simple threestep policy plan for our public schools.

  1. Increase the state­ imposed revenue cap so districts can make decisions locally about how much money they want to spend per student and the types of programs they want to offer in their district.
  2. Increase  state aid and stop efforts at the state level to place more of the costs for funding public schools onto local property taxpayers.
  3. Pause the statewide voucher school expansion until these schools are held to the same accountability measures as our public schools so that taxpayers can be assured of their performance.