The Wisconsin Legislature’s Joint Finance Committee will soon consider public schools as part of the biennial state budget. Stacy Racine Lynch, President of Support Our Schools (SOS) Wauwatosa, a non-partisan group of Wauwatosa parents who have come together to advocate for local public schools, released the following statement:

“As parent advocates of Wauwatosa schools and public schools across the state, we have consistently made three asks: 1) increase the state­-imposed revenue cap so districts can make decisions locally regarding how much money they want to spend per student and the types of programs they want to offer; 2) increase state aid and stop efforts at the state level to place more of the costs for funding public schools onto local property taxpayers; and 3) pause the statewide voucher school expansion until these schools are held to the same accountability measures as our public schools, so taxpayers can be assured of their performance.

As it relates to our first ask, we are pleased the State Assembly has introduced language to partially address this issue by raising the low revenue limit ceiling that impacts some Wisconsin districts. While this is not the comprehensive revenue limit fix we seek, we support this measure and know that it has the potential to help many districts throughout the state. In the future, we hope that more will be done.

Related to our second ask, we have been advocating for an increase of $300 per pupil, per year. Nevertheless, we appreciate Governor Walker’s budget proposal, which includes an increase of $200 in per-pupil aid in the first year, and an additional $204 in the second year. It is a step in the right direction, especially in light of the significant cuts to public education made by the Governor and State Legislature in the last three biennial budgets.

Finally, we continue to be concerned about the expansion of taxpayer-funded private voucher schools and call on the Legislature to pause the expansion until equal accountability is attained.

We love our public schools and care about all of the kids in Wisconsin. We are urging our state legislators to do the right thing for our kids’ schools.”


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