The following is a quote from Mary Young, Support Our Schools Wauwatosa (SOS) President and Wauwatosa mother of two in regards to the Wisconsin DPI K-12 budget proposal (

“Politicians and officials are debating the future of K-12, but when will Wisconsin public school parents be heard? Recently passed K-12 referenda across Wisconsin prove that nothing unifies our state like support for our local public schools. A majority of Wisconsinites in rural, suburban and urban areas are rallying leaders to support our kids by increasing K-12 funding, increasing the revenue cap and stopping the statewide voucher expansion. We urge politicians and leaders statewide to seek feedback from moms and dads and to hear our pleas to fully fund our kids’ public schools.”


Recently Approved K-12 Referenda:

82% of K-12 referenda passed statewide on Election Day, Nov. 8, 2016, according to the Wisconsin Association of School Boards (WASB)


Recent Marquette University Law School Poll Results 

January 2016:

FULLY FUND OUR PUBLIC SCHOOLS: “Registered voters continue to express concern for education funding in the state. Fifty-seven percent say their local public schools are receiving too little funding from the state, while 30 percent say they receive enough and 7 percent say schools receive more funding than they need.”


April 2015:

FULLY FUND OUR PUBLIC SCHOOLS: “Voters are opposed to a number of cuts proposed by the Walker budget. Seventy-eight percent oppose cutting $127 million from the K-12 public school budget, while 18 percent support the proposal.”

STOP THE STATEWIDE VOUCHER EXPANSION: “Fifty-four percent oppose removing limits on the number of students statewide outside Milwaukee and Racine counties receiving publicly funded vouchers to attend private schools, with 37 percent favoring ending the limit on vouchers, now set at 1,000 students. In September 2014, 18 percent supported removing all limits on vouchers, 21 percent supported increasing but not eliminating the limits, 19 percent favored keeping the 1,000-student limit and 38 percent would eliminate the statewide voucher program entirely. In previous polling in October 2013 and October 2014, support for expanding vouchers statewide beyond Milwaukee and Racine without mentioning limits was supported by 50 and 49 percent, with 44 percent opposed to expansion in both polls.


About SOS Wauwatosa:

We are an independent, non­partisan citizen group that advocates for quality public education in Wauwatosa and in the state of Wisconsin.

SOS believes that public schools are the heart of Wisconsin’s communities. We are dedicated to the educational success of all children through strong family and community engagement in our public schools. SOS supports the Wauwatosa School District and its excellent teachers, and will work with the District to advocate for quality public education and appropriate funding for public schools in Wauwatosa and throughout Wisconsin. We will communicate accurate and timely information to parents and community members about what Wisconsin’s public schools need to thrive.

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